The Kolping Hotel Casa Domitilla, 3 star rated, is located in a beautiful and convenient location, surrounded by nature and near the historical "Via Appia Antica", midst in district Ardeatino, just steps from the largest and oldest catacomb of ancient Rome, the Catacomb of Domitilla.

All points of interest in the city can easily be reached by bus; ideal for travelling pilgrims, business trips or visiting Rome with the family , we welcome you here, helping you to plan your trip with care and to host you here with hospitality.

The Kolping Hotel Casa Domitilla is run by a company formed by Kolping International, Kolping Switzerland, Kolping Family Innsbruck, KGV Kolping-Verwaltungs-GmbH Augsburg, the Brothers of Mercy Trier .

Discover the beauty of RomeJUST STEPS AWAY FROM US!

Visit the Domitilla Catacomb or the Regional Park of ancient "Via Appia Antica".

For your business trip or to spend an unforgettable weekend in Rome, The Hotel Casa Domitilla is located in a strategically perfect location in the capital, giving you the possibility to reach places of historical and cultural interest very easily - as e.g. Ardeatine or the famous EUR district of Rome.

Your perfect starting point to discover Rome....KOLPING HOTEL CASA DOMITILLA